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New oil discovery for 500% gains

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My subscribers are up 66.79% per year average over the past 4 years, with gains like 1,108% from Hecla Mining, 4,000% from Ultra Petroleum, 893% from Talk America, and 525% from Stryker Corp... This pick could go even higher....

All the oil we need - US energy independence closer than you think.

Buy today for potential 500% gains!

Ken Coleman's Investment Tracker subscribers are up 66.79% per year average over the past 4 years. He is a former member of the Senate Select Committee on Federal Reserve Policy, and his show is syndicated nationally on TNN.

"I recognized the energy, semi- conductor, and other booms early on, and look how my subscribers profited:"

Hecla Mining Co. 1,108%
Coeur d'Alene 440 %
Xoma Ltd 124 %
Huaneng Power Int. 136 %
OmniVision Technologies 172 %
Newmont Mining 182 %
Pan American Silver Corp. 197 %
Dot Hill Systems Corp. 250 %
Kinross Gold Corp. 339 %
The Bombay Company, Inc. 504 %
Stryker Corp. 525 %
Talk America Holdings, Inc. 853 %
International Energy, Inc ?????

Mr. Coleman called gold's rise in 2002, as well as the dotcom buying mania from September 1999 to March 2000, and the subsequent meltdown. He also called the kick-off of the world's great bull market in 1982 in a book he wrote in 1981, the bond bull market of 1984, the dollar's plunge during 1984-87, and the rotational market of 1995-98.

International Energy (IENI) is developing a hydrocarbon fuel that could potentially and completely take the place of foreign oil within your lifetime.

You’ve heard a lot of claims about new fuels. This one has the proof.

Research was originally sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, and is now being developed by International Energy and the fuel breakthrough’s discovering scientist.

It was named one of the most important scientific discoveries of 2000, and in April 2008 the New Energy Congress named it a “top energy technology.”

A leading energy analyst with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says, “There is no other resource that comes even close in magnitude to the potential for making oil.”

And finally, at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science it was said that the discovery was "the equivalent of striking oil.”

And now it could potentially make you rich, with 500% gains over the next 12 months if you buy the company that’s developing it, International Energy (IENI). Here’s why….

The holy grail of energy production.

International Energy has discovered the holy grail of energy production – a feedstock that actually produces more energy than it takes to make.

No, it’s not corn, soy, palm, canola, or any of the other food crops that have been tried. Food crops simply aren’t the answer.

Corn-based ethanol takes more energy to grow and transport than it produces, about 350 gallons per acre.

Soy produces around 50 gallons of oil per acre per year. Canola makes 150 gallons, and palm, 650 gallons.

Plus food-based ethanol has wreaked havoc on the planet by way of higher food costs, deforestation, pesticide contamination, and mushrooming carbon emissions.

All those failed experiments have grabbed the media attention, while the real answer was quietly being developed by scientists, not politicians, in one of the world’s most prestigious laboratories, led by one of the world’s most respected microbial biologists.

50 times more oil – cheap, and pollution-free.

The team’s work began years ago, when they started looking at the hydrogen-producing capabilities of the world’s fastest growing plant – algae.

Algae grows so fast that with the right conditions it can double its volume overnight. And about half of algae’s weight is oil.

In comparison, palm, currently the world’s largest biofuel producer, is about 20% oil.

And while most feedstock sources can only accomplish several crops per year per acre, algae renews itself every four days!

The big break came seven years ago, when International Energy’s lead collaborating scientist was able to find a “switch” that would redirect photosynthesis from producing carbohydrates to producing hydrocarbons.

In theory it is not as difficult as it may sound. All living organisms produce hydrocarbons for their own needs. The trick is in turning up the dial, making those organisms into miniature oil factories.

By finding the elusive genetic switch, International Energy’s collaborating scientists created a fuel source that has the potential to produce 5,000 to 7,000 gallons of fuel per acre! That’s about 50 times more than average for other feedstocks!

Nature – but a million times faster.

IENI is perfecting the process that turns common, cheap ingredients into oil. Let me tell you about the deceptively simple process.

You’ve seen or heard of man-made diamonds that are indistinguishable from the best DeBeers. But instead of millions of years, all it takes is a bit of carbon under heat and pressure for a few days.

In other words, all it takes is to recreate the conditions that make diamonds.

To make oil that can fuel your car or create electricity to light your home, you just need the right raw ingredients and natural conditions. The material that forms petroleum oil can be nothing more than algae and bacteria. But the plants must decay under proper conditions for millions of years before oil is created.

IENI’s team of scientists solved the problem. They created oil.

A discovery that could give you 500% in 12 months.

It’s rare that you can find a speculative opportunity this good. I recommend that if you can afford to buy stock and put it away till it has magnified your investment many times over, you buy IENI.

One of the team’s leading scientists described his discovery in press accounts as “unbelievable” and “enormously exciting.”

Charles Osgood of CBS heard about the discovery and devoted a segment to it on his popular show.

And now, the discovery and IENI could make you rich. Especially knowing that one of my recent discoveries that shot up 37% on the day I recommended it.

Another pick only three months earlier gave my readers 528% in 90 days.

The business model of tomorrow

I like IENI’s business model – a technology licensing organization that finds pure technology plays in non-commercial laboratories and co-ops to bring them to market.

University and government labs, where some of the most leading discoveries are developed, have the kind of steady workforce and funding to work for years to create important innovations.

But they seldom if ever have the business acumen to bring their discoveries to market. Clinical trials, distribution networks, and marketing strategies are essential – and missing – from these laboratories.

International Energy is one of a growing number of savvy, low-overhead groups who, with only a handful of strategic managers, push these important products through their cycles and to market.

One big advantage to the model is that these companies are funded primarily by a combination of private venture capital and retail shareholders who join in for the long haul. These shareholders understand that a small investment could one day pay off big – potentially bigger than any they’ve ever had.

Of course, it could flop too. That possibility is always present. But with the right science, at the right stage of the development process, and a smart and aggressive marketing team at the helm, a little investment could turn into a small fortune.

In fact, a technology licensing organization with a radical innovation product in development, like IENI, can give investors good gains.

Gains good enough to turn $10,000 into $50,000, or $20,000 into $100,000.

As editor of The Investment Tracker one of my specialties is finding new profit opportunities like these. IENI meets my speculative investment criteria – booming market demand, important new product, and stock price that gives plenty of room to grow.

Here's to your successful investing!


Ken Coleman
Publisher & Editor, The Investment-Tracker

International Energy, Inc. (IENI)



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