Monday, May 9, 2011

Vacation Mess (Help Needed) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just received this email from a friend who'd obviously had his account compromised. This is an old scam and I'm not sure what he can do at this point. I contacted him thru a message board rather than reply to email because someone else has access.

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, i came down here to London England. for a short vacation to visit a resort and got mugged at gunpoint last night at the park of the hotel where i lodged. All cash, credit cards and cell were stolen off me. I've been to the U.S embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all, my flight leaves today and I'm having problems settling the hotel bills. The hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the hotel bills($2,350) now am freaked out. Please reply back and let me know you will be able to loan me the cash, so that i can give you the details were you need to get the cash to me if you can have the money wire to me through western union i promise to pay back as soon as i get back home.


scam, phishing, identity theft

Wednesday, May 4, 2011



This mail is from the ATM CARD DEPARTMENT, And to Kindly inform you that your E-mail ID was selected among the OCEANIC BANK INTERNATIONAL PLC, Atm Card selection.This has totally make you the winner of a cash grant award of £654,000.00GBP

Please if you are not the owner of this E-mail ID please let us be informed. but if you are the owner of this E-mail ID which make you the rightful winner of this ATM CARD worth £654,000.00GBP, Kindly Contact our fiduciary Agent, MR. Wayne Collins with your information's, which is your name,telephone number and your destination to process the delivery. we await for your quick responce .

MR.Wayne Collins

scam, spam, phishing, identity theft

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Your password is changed

From: "Facebook Abuse Department"

Good afternoon.

Spam is sent from your FaceBook account.
Your password has been changed for safety.

Information regarding your account and a new password is attached to the letter. Read this information thoroughly and change the password to complicated one.

Please do not reply to this email, it's automatic mail notification!

Thank you for using our services.
Your Facebook! (31KB)

This young person, whom the Emperor had since seen three or four times at most, also came to Fontainebleau, accompanied by her mother; but, being unable to see his Majesty, this lady, like the Countess Walewska, determined to make the voyage to the Island of Elba, where it is said the Emperor married Mademoiselle L---- to a colonel of artillery. What I have just written has carried me back almost unconsciously to happier times. It is necessary, however, to return to the sad stay at Fontainebleau; and, after what I have said of the dejection in which the Emperor lived, it is not surprising that, overwhelmed by such crushing blows, his mind was not disposed to gallantry. It seems to me I can still see the evidences of the gloomy melancholy which devoured him; and in the midst of so many sorrows the kindness of heart of the man seemed to increase in proportion to the sufferings of the dethroned sovereign. With what amenity he spoke to us in these last days!

scam, spam, phishing, identity theft


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Anyone that would SPAM you could just as well steal your identity. They will surely at least sell your Email to other Spammers