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ENVI: $1.50 to $14 says Top Stock Analyst

From: "InvestorsObserver Special Offers"

by Jarret Wollstein, Editor of Intelligent Investor Report
You could make a fortune from a brand new$2.25 Billion Market forEPA-Mandated NationwideDiesel Exhaust Cleanup!

My forecast is for
475% growth in ENVI!

Next target…coal-fired industrial plants and
3,000% growth potential!

My recommendation:
Buy this stock NOW at any price to $4.25!

UPDATE: This stock has already grown 176% off my first recommendation late last year. A second leg up, which I believe is forming right now, has explosive potential for reaching my 475% target even faster than I originally projected. My strong recommendation is to get in now!

To the Growth-Minded Investor:

You could make a fortune off recently enacted EPA regulations that create an overnight $2.25 billion marketplace for Enviro Resolutions (PK: ENVI) technology.

I’m forecasting a fast 475% profit from ENVI as 690,000 buses are considered for diesel engine upgrades using the company’s exclusive EPA-compliant exhaust-scrubbing muffler.

This astonishing muffler eliminates up to 95% of pollution from diesel exhaust…making it the only bolt-on technology I’ve found that meets rigid new EPA emissions standards while using standard diesel fuel.

What’s more, this is not an idea on drawing paper. The technology has been tested and proven under the most challenging conditions. The product…it’s in its third generation of refinement!

And as you’ll read later in this report the company’s next target, coal-fired industrial plants, could be worth billions more as America makes use of its most abundant fuel resource.

Put coal in the mix and your looking at a small company with multi-billion dollar market potential. I’m forecasting longer-term ENVI share prices in the $38-$40 range…that’s 3,000% over today’s $1.30 start!

I’ll start with what drives ENVI’s 475% growth potential in 2008...

American school and public transportation buses
create an immediate, captive opportunity for
Enviro Resolutions. Even a fraction of this market could send ENVI shares flying.

Today’s market for Enviro Resolutions (ENVI) exhaust-scrubbing mufflers is huge… 690,000 buses hit by skyrocketing premium diesel fuel costs.

Every one of those buses could slash its fuel costs simply by installing an Enviro Resolutions (ENVI) exhaust-scrubbing muffler, then switching to a lower grade, lower cost fuel.

The total sales potential is $2.25 billion and Enviro Resolutions mufflers could generate millions in sales almost overnight!

The money at stake is enormous. To make its own rulemaking workable, the EPA concocted an expensive new low-emissions diesel fuel that slashes emissions…but can cost a fleet operator hundreds of thousands of dollars more each year.

In the coming months, as the cost of the new diesel fuel sinks in, you could see an explosion of demand for Enviro Resolutions (ENVI) diesel-scrubbing muffler, and in my view, this will set off skyrocketing ENVI shares.

Even a fraction of this market would propel ENVI shares to a quick double or triple! And as I projected above, ENVI could return 475% growth for you this year.

This is no fluke. I’ve already spotted a number of triple-digit winners for my readers and these proven results have made my newsletter, Intelligent Investor Report, one of the top investment newsletters in the world today. (Later in this report, I’ll tell you how successful!) And like my newsletter, Enviro Resolutions (ENVI) also proves it can deliver on its promises.

Already tested and proven in real world use!

The Enviro Resolutions (ENVI) muffler is more than a great idea…it’s a proven product!

In a monumental anti-pollution test, the Enviro Resolutions muffler virtually eliminated smoke from the stack of the Vancouver ferry! (See photos on lower right.) Lab results confirm that the Enviro Resolution muffler eliminates up to 95% of diesel exhaust pollutants, well within the guidelines set forth by the EPA.

Two years ago the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) conducted an experiment for its fleet of 1,000 diesel buses. Instead of fueling them with #1 grade diesel, they switched to #2 grade diesel for one year and saved $700,000.

Had the Enviro Resolutions (ENVI) scrubbing muffler been installed, an even lower grade of fuel could have been purchased and the buses would still have run cleaner! The savings could soar into the millions of dollars!

Saving six to seven figures each year in fuel costs could push bus fleets into Enviro Solutions (ENVI) exhaust-scrubbing mufflers immediately! Share prices in ENVI could hit triple-digit gains in a flash!

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